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Fancam captures MONSTA Xs Shownu yelling at his member in public - Koreaboo

MONSTA X Members Fight for Fans Who Are Asked to Kneel Down

Based on this ''evidence'', netizens, as well as, fans are very well convinced the two are indeed a couple. In another post, Kim Yoon Hee uploaded a selca with the caption, "My boyfriend is manjjitnam. The next set of 'evidence' is by Hyungwon's peers. The next post was reportedly posted on a blog by a friend of Hyungwon. Also, Hyungwon showed off his girlfriend, stating, "My girlfriend dresses really well kekeke. The label explained, "In early , Hyungwon broke up with the girl he was dating. The girl has uploaded posts on her social media that led to misunderstandings.

She obviously has a life with her going to concerts, hanging out with other k-pop idols so I don't see the need why she had to post those rumors. She probably just wanted to get known as the girl who Hyungwon dated but still bruh :skull: you gotta think what you're doing, it affects people.

MONSTA X Members Fight for Fans Who Are Asked to Kneel Down

That's a NOPE. And even if you do know her insta.

You would basically be giving her the attention she wants. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Likes Comments Like Im late but dang she must be jealous and miss him to be spreading rumors like that lol.

Why am I seeing this in ? J :heart: MSU. She's such a pretty girl, honestly. But regardless, spreading false rumors aint cool.

In , there were rumors spreading in various online community about Monsta X's Hyungwon being involved in a dating relationship. Monsta. Monsta X is a hip pop South Korean k-pop boy band which was There was a dating rumor about him that said he was dating an ulzzang girl. I will say right now, I have asked a few of my gay friends several Kpop groups to get a few different opinions and Monsta X was the only one that.

Hello kbg amino, i haven't been active but i have just seen an article saving monbebe are angry at hyungwon for apparently dating an announcer. This is one thing that annoys me about fandoms, even if hyungwon was dating what has his personal life go to do with fans.

First of all, one day he will be married and will have a family. Also, his fans will also have loved ones of their own so can't people just be supportive of idol relationships.

Also, if people were truly his fans they would be happy and support him so let's just support him. In monsta x hyungwon is my bias so if i can support him so can you.

Also monbebes aren't thinking about how Hyungwon and His girlfriend or ex is feeling being attacked on social media. Hyunwon is my bias too!

I totally agree!! You aren't a fan if you're getting in the way of your idols happiness!

During a recent mini fan meeting, the members of MONSTA X stood outdoors in the chilly weather to greet their fans. To complete event, the. MONSTA X - Sexuality Analysis WOW~ It's finally here~! relationships, dating scandals, and the usual ideal type shit (considering that last. Fans believe Hyungwon of MONSTA X has been dating announcer Kim it's actually Yoon Hee who's spreading the false rumors but why are.

It's just selfish and cruel. I love when I hear idols have girlfriends. It means they're happy.

Monsta x hyungwon dating scandal: my thoughts. Author's Avatar. VERNON25Jaypark 08/07/ Hello kbg amino, i haven't been active but i have just seen an. MONSTA X's agency Starship Entertainment has responded to recent dating rumors surrounding member Hyungwon. On August 4, the agency. Long time fans of MONSTA X's MinHyuk and EXID's HyeLin may have already heard of the rumor that both of them were dating in the past.

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