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He Said-She Said: What's Up with "Just Friends"? - Christian Dating, Singles

How to Become Friends With Someone You Want to Date (3 Christian Relationship Tips)

With 20 years of successfully introducing Christians we can open the right door for you. Watch this short video because YOUR future matters! Alternatively click here to read our full story. We have a tonne of FREE Dating resources which, if you are looking for a Christian partner, Christian friend or soul mate you might find useful. We have dedicated staff devoted to doing everything they can to ensure every member is successful whatever their individual circumstances.

No-pressure dating and the value of friendship

It is like going back to my teenage years. Thank you for arranging it. I did not expect anything, was actually more negative about it than positive. Quite soon this John came to the area and asked me was I …. Yes, I was …. My first impression of him was absolutely good — of course I had no idea who this Man was ….

On reflection, knowing now a little about him; I have to say that I admire him for standing there to meet an unknown women …This is the best I have met so far and I personally took instant liking to him. He gave me his personal communications details … saying I will pray about it … etc…I obviously do not know what his responce is to this meeting but I do sense that he was fairly relaxed … and he has given me his detail.

Thank you. I have felt that a personal interest was being shown, any request was acted on quickly and I have been able to discuss certain matters. I also took encouragement from your covering letters with the profiles. My experience has overall been very positive. I am in receipt of copy of my profilethanks. There is only one small amendment to make then it will be good and okay.

You guys are doing a brilliant work, thank you very much! So many thanks for all your kindness and help. I shall certainly publicise your service to my many single friends. That makes a big difference. Many thanks for your help and for doing a great job with friendsfirst. I love the inspirational blog too! God bless you in all you are doing. I have found your service outstanding. The best news is that Beverley and I were married on 21st Augusthaving met through friendsfirst on 30th April — 16 weeks before.

Our year has been a whirlwind of romance. Bev has moved 25 miles out of Bristol to live with me.

This has enabled me to continue as vicar. Our offspring have had to get used to our marriage but they have done really well.

Thank you for the good suggestion that I should write to everyone on that first mailing I had from you. For Three or four weeks it seems like nothing would go well as various dates were made and cancelled with other people, but then Bev came home from holiday to my letter. She rang me and very soon after that we met.

Thank you! I have had a good number of positive contacts either by phone or letter, both from me or initiated by them. Seven or eight ladies I have met as a one-off and taken them out for a meal and in the vast majority it has been a positive experience. But actually meeting them helped me decide whether I wanted to pursue their friendship.

Thank you again for your help during the last year. I like your follow up, your customer service, the fact that you are a paper based service, and your newsletters. I can also see that your organization is totally genuine as I know one of the couples that have got married through you and are on your website.

Your contact with me has been good, and I have been pleased to be able to talk about the way you work. Your staff have been helpful in answering questions. I found your profiles very good — I contacted 4 and had 4 lovely replies, one of which quickly became a very special and most wonderful friend whom I am seeing regularly. I have emailed a few times and always had prompt replies. I found all your guidance very useful.

I also found other members profiles very useful and in Nov 06 I met someone and we have been going out since then. The man and I are getting on really well and are seeking God about our future. Thanks so much for introducing us! Thank you for all your encouragement, letters etc.

The work you do brings so much new happiness to many, and I hope that continues for many years to come. Thanks for an excellent service and keep up the good work! Thank you very much for the number of contacts I received this month, with the various ages.

I am so pleased — it lifted my spirits up. Thank you very much. I will put down on my prayer list that the Lord will supply you always with new members and enough people to go round — to bless your work in bringing people together. The power of prayer on both our sides, praying in the will of God to get married at the end of it meant God used a computer for to meet someone.

As I said before you have been a great encouragement to me; it makes such a difference to have someone who really understands and is batting on my side, as well as being fun to deal with.

Thank you again and very much appreciated. We will see what brings. Their support really gave me reassurance throughout my membership. I would recommend this to anyone who like me is particularly camera shy to go for it!

I was extremely nervous about the whole idea right up to the moment I met my photographer, Alistair Cowin.

Friends first christian dating

Firstly I was amazed he lived around the corner from me. Then he immediately put me at ease, so much so that I was almost unaware while we chatted away, of pictures being taken.

It has been a wonderful experience to fellowship with other believers. I thank you for your services throughout the year. I have chosen not to continue with my membership, not because of any disappointment or dissatisfaction.

Read about Christian dating and get advice, help and resources on HE SAID: First of all, you are not alone with your sense that many people. BFFs (Best Friends First): Honoring God in Dating and Romance . learned to be Christ- sufficient even when he was away from friends and in. A friendship & Christian dating service for Christian singles to successfully meet others for friendship, dating, matchmaking & marriage in the UK - offline.

I wish friendsfirst every continued success, as I do its members, and remember that as Christians, we all continually pray for each other. The profile that you did about me was so well done and everything was correct.

You have in my prayers…….

Biblical Dating: Just Friends

You really do provide a personal and caring service. I felt that a service was being offered not a financial transaction.

(My advice: Lock them in a secure room for the first six months.) My friend's counsel was simple, and should be heeded by all Christian single men regardless of. christian dating just friends first. Ecclesiastes One common experience for Christian singles is having romantic feelings for a good friend. These hazards have caused some Christians to feel that you can't build The first thing we need to understand is that friendship isn't.

I hope and trust that God is holding and keeping and blessing you in what you are facing, and that you are encouraged by his faithful Holy Spirit. Enjoy the warmer Spring days.

You provide a good service. If it all came from you, then I must say you are a very clever lady!! Want to write for us? If you would like to write an article for this blog, find out how. Back to Christian Connection. Feb 02 No-pressure dating and the value of friendship Written by Samuel Harris.

About Samuel Harris Samuel N. Get weekly blog articles direct to your email inbox Be the first to read new articles every Tuesday. No spam. Unsubscribe anytime. About this Blog.

Even though she got married myself four and a half years ago, her commitment to single people has not wavered. Having been constantly telling our members to follow their hearts Dawn decided it was time to follow her own advice.

A hard act to follow…. What a well worded letter. I have spent all my working life in writing and I know how to write a letter that compels people to respond.

Find out what should be included in you Christian Dating profile, whether your “ Thank you for your help and courtesies whenever I talk to friendsfirst”. (Brian.

I found it very helpful. She had seen it advertised in a Christian magazine.

When my friend told me that this was an off-line agency I started to think about it and decided it would be nice to have some new friends to go out with.

I liked the fact that friends first gave members personal support through the process of applying and meeting new people. When I spoke to one of the membership managers, she was very helpful and explained that, because friends first is off line, a higher number of older people join than usual. In the correspondence and on the phone friends first seem to be Friendly! And to understand the reservations that make people hesitate to join a dating agency. I really appreciate all your hard work.

Dear Katherine Thank you for all your continued kindness and advice. I attended your dinner at Covent Garden last December and I really enjoyed it.

I came home to find my FF folder in the post. Thank you. Thank you for your support in the past. I got the direction magazine from church one Sunday and started browsing on it.

God bless. I think the psychological content is spot on — for example in the Dating Master Classes. The following feedback has been collected from anonymous surveys conducted with members in They were asked: What difference did our advice, support and encouragment make in helping you make new friends?

How to Become Friends With Someone You Want to Date (3 Christian Relationship Tips)

You telephoned me to encourage me to be more open-minded and suggested that I had put barriers up so that I was not going to meet anyone, even if they were queuing up on my doorstep! Although a little dismissive of your views at the time — I am a teacher and not great at taking criticism, however gentle!

In this series of articles, I've raised several biblical principles regarding the way we should treat our brothers and sisters in Christ. First. Katharine Gray has been interviewed many times on topical radio shows, listen to the interviews, see what is hitting the news and how friendsfirst can help below. More recently, I've had a few friends advise me to take a more casual approach to dating — to get to know people first without having an.

I began to acknowledge that you were right and that insight opened up a door. I met Jon, from Brentwood, within the first few weeks. We emailed for a time, spoke on the phone for a few weeks and finally met. There was no instant physical attraction on my part but I already knew that he was a really lovely man. We had both prayed before even going on the website and had each committed our search to God, whose love has been at the heart of our growing relationship.

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