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Taylor Swift 'secretly dating' British actor Joe Alwyn for several months -

Taylor Swift is dating British Actor Joe Alwyn

The Bad Blood hitmaker took some time off from the limelight after wrapping up her World Tour in December, , but it appears she has been kept busy with matters of the heart during her break. Taylor's previous romances with Brits Harry Styles, Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston all ended in disaster, and insiders claim she's keen to keeping her relationship with rising star Alwyn low-key in a bid to avoid another media circus, which has dogged so many of her past romances. And the plan appears to be working - Taylor, 27, and her year-old toyboy are going from strength to strength. Swift experienced a bit of a romantic nightmare last year after calling it quits with DJ Calvin. The pair confirmed the break-up and then engaged in a public feud after Swift revealed she wrote part of This Is What You Came For - his single with Rihanna. During the height of her feud with Calvin, she struck up a fleeting summer romance with Hiddleston and followed The Night Manager star to Australia, where he filmed the new Thor movie. The fling fizzled out in August.

It may not be the most far-fetched idea, though.

Last September Swift squad member Gigi Hadid noted that she and the singer both have a soft spot for British men. No shame in that game — and no shame in wanting to keep it all private, either.

If you aren't a fan of Taylor Swift, you might not know that she's been quietly dating British actor Joe Alwyn for almost three years, with the pair. Taylor Swift is currently dating actor Joe Alwyn. As well as Taylor's Mission Impossible-style visits to the UK, Joe also flies to see Taylor in. TAYLOR Swift's colourful dating life has inspired some of her greatest hits, and helped revealed how Taylor and British actor Joe, 26, had been secretly dating .

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Among the many fan theories pointing to lines about Joe, a couple are:. The fact that Taylor seems to talk about the future in the last line indicates she's singing about a current relationship, i.

It appears that Taylor Swift could be back on the dating scene. There's reports emerging t. These days, Taylor Swift appears to be happily settled with actor how her dating history would be perceived differently if she was a man. Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn didn't start dating until the fall of , but she to be with Joe, which is what 'sealed her fate' with the British actor.

It's fair to say Taylor's public reputation took a bash during the time she met Joe, which she could be hinting at when she describes how the mysterious subject of the song was into her regardless.

Taylor and Joe are spotted hand-in-hand heading towards the singer's New York City apartment together. Would you believe it? Taylor is actually tagging Joe in a post on Instagram!

Taylor Swift's Song 'London Boy' Features This British Actor -- and It's Not Swift is dating Londoner Joe Alwyn, which has many assuming the. That’s where Taylor’s been reportedly hiding out with her first post-Tom Hiddleston boyfriend: British actor Joe Alwyn. He’s not the most well known, with his unprolific IMDB page that boasts a total of three roles where he’s not playing “himself,” but that was before he. Taylor Swift refuses to talk about her relationship with British actor Joe Alwyn, due to wanted to keep some things private.

Taylor calls the film "phenomenal" and tells her followers to go see it. Well, until Izuka Hoyle, who plays courtier Mary Setonshared an Instagram Story of the pair chatting in the cinema's lobby, along with the caption, "Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone". While fans are desperate for their first official red carpet moment for Joe and Taylor, a source told The Sun the singer didn't want to distract from her boyfriend's achievements.

A new year and yet Taylor and Joe still appear to be going strong. The two attended the Golden Globes, separately, of course and then hit up several after-parties following the show.

At one point, Sarandos approached Swift and her boyfriend Joe Alwyn to ask for a photo with the star. Swift obliged, but was quickly met with more and more photo requests from other attendees at the party.

Security called for backup to her section to give her some privacy, but Swift and Alwyn left the event shortly after," per The Hollywood Reporter. Given that Joe is in every film under the sun at the start of well, it feels like it, he has parts in The Favourite and Mary Queen of Scots he conducts some interviews to promote these movies. In one with Mr Porterhe objects to being labelled "strangely private" over his and Taylor's refusal to discuss their relationship.

He tells the magazine he doesn't think he's had to "fight for his privacy" more than anyone else in the public eye and it seems like he's just of the opinion he doesn't have to share one of the more personal sides of his life with the rest of the world. But I don't think it is. I think it's normal. Look how sweet they look together!

He added: "They went to such great lengths in to every avoid being seen in public together. Now finally not only are they going to events and supporting each other.

New love? Taylor Swift is reportedly dating English actor Joe Alwyn

But PDA all over the place. Other party goers went to great lengths to document the singer's presence, with one catching a lowkey moment of PDA between the pair on video.

Despite it making it very very hard for fans to get updates on how their relationship is going, being secretive is apparently the key to making things work between Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn. According to a source at People, "Keeping it private from the beginning really helped their relationship.

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn: A timeline of their relationship

They were able to get to know each other in peace. While there are rumours going around that Joe is planning a proposal, Taylor is apparently just happy to be with him whatever happens.

The insider added that "They have a very special relationship. Joe has been supporting Taylor during all this nasty Scooter Braun business. Her boyfriend Joe has been a total rock in all of this, he is very supportive of her taking a stand… he has got a strong backbone.

The source added: "Taylor has always been pretty fearless when it comes to speaking her truth but having such a solid and healthy relationship makes her feel that much stronger.

What she is going through with Scooter is so challenging, but the good news is that her personal life is all smooth sailing. She is very grateful for that. Taylor fans think the singer is secretly engaged to Joe, after she shared some particularly telling lyrics from her new album with Vogue.

Something borrowed? Something blue?

British actor dating taylor swift

End up with you? Certainly sounds like a hint towards marriage, doesn't it? Well, Taylor's fans definitely think so, with many taking to Twitter to speculate about whether the singer just announced her engagement.

That's it. That's the tweet. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Liam is back on Insta after Miley split. Why Prince Harry hated Sunday nights before Meghan. Kim Kardashian's Skims shoot editing fail. Why it's so common to get September anxiety. Best new books to read. Getty Images.

Taylor and Ed at the Grammy awards Getty Images. Jackson Lee Getty Images. View this post on Instagram. Instagram Stories. Joe at the Oscars Getty Images.

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