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Natsume and mikan's Valentine's Day date, a gakuen alice fanfic . FanFiction

Gakuen Alice: 144: Confessions

Himeno: This story has been lying in my compute for weeks now. I don't know why I haven't bothered uploading this. Well, this is actually my first shot in Rated M. Honestly, I haven't done it with anyone yet, so I can't be too sure with the scenes here. And since Natsume's such a pervert, I can really imagine him doing it with Mikan. The girl Natsume loved so much was none other than Mikan Sakura.

He was still haunted by the memory of last year's Valentine's Day--some idiot had thrown chocolate into his mouth…and Tsubasa…ugh. Possibly the worst day he'd ever had at Alice Academy.

But there was one thing he might be looking forward to this year. Mikan turned halfway to stick her tongue out at him, then smiled. She walked over slowly. We're going to have dinner in Central Town, at seven. But…Natsume, I don't have any money! As soon as she got what he was saying, her face brightened. I'll bring Hotaru, and Ruka-pyon, and--" Natsume shot out a hand and grabbed her wrist. As soon as she figured out what this meant, she flushed brilliant magenta.

I'll see you at seven? As she flitted out of the classroom, he checked the time. Well, crap. What was he going to do until seven?! He stopped, annoyed. He was on his way to the animal barn; what was more important than that? He looked around to see it was Sumire, the girl who stalked Natsume. Don't you want to get back at them? Could you please get out of my way? I have to go somewhere. A chill went down Ruka's spine. Yes, he did know. He had accidentally eaten one of her chocolates last year, and he had thrown up for hours.

He nodded slowly. Curly-Perm, what are you up to?! She tittered but didn't answer. He would have to warn Natsume. Natsume went up to his room, bored. What was he going to do for the next few hours? Maybe he would send Naru a fake love letter from Jinno again.

It was always entertaining to see the results.

He started to write one, smirking, but he changed it after a few seconds. He crumpled it up, burnt it, then swept the ashes in the trash.

Drumming his fingers against his desk, he started to write. Your smiles light up the sky with beauty. Your laughter is what pulls me through the day.

The sparkle in your eyes is never-ending. I hope it never, ever fades away. If words could describe you, then you wouldn't be the wonderful, special, miraculous light that you are. Happy Valentine's Day. Can I come in? Ruka flung the door open, his face flushed. Curly-Perm's going to--! Die from over-girly-ness? But Ruka didn't answer. He was staring at the corner of the letter that was sticking out from under Natsume's pillow. In the next heartbeat, Ruka lunged for it.

Gakuen Alice Love - Mikan , Natsume , Hotaru and Ruka

But Natsume was ready. He wrestled Ruka's precious pet out of his arms and opened the window. Ruka had a hold on the letter, about to read it, but bit his lip as his rabbit cried for help. Ruka looked up at his expression, amused and surprised. What's the occasion?

Natsume was happy that he was Mikan's first boyfriend and her first kiss. Their date had just ended about eight in the evening and as they. All Natsume Hyuuga intended to do when he saw Mikan Sakura was just A hot, steamy sex and him ditching his date and never call them or. Login | Sign UpFanFiction | unleash your imagination Ne Natsume, who's fault is it that your brunette's got a lot of admirers? [under renovation] r&r "Ohayou Ruka" Mikan said as she bowed down in front of him, (poor Tsubasa, he has no idea that that boy's alice is trouble he'll know sooner or later).

Ruka's eyes traveled over the paper, and he laughed at the end. Sakura's going to love it. And she's going to love you. Why do you have to say that? However, as usual she lost the battle and became even more economically indebted to her boyfriend. Though, truthfully, she was slightly happy since she herself did not have a large of an income as he did.

The rest of their date mostly consisted of walking around and occasionally visiting a clothing store if something caught Mikan's eye. As they passed the clock tower once again they noticed it was already twenty past seven. Even though Natsume had graduated early and now had the freedom to go out as often as he wanted to, the same loose principals did not apply to Mikan who was still being protected by the academy.

mikan's first date with natsume. what is the pervert planning? It was a normal day at alice academy, the birds were chirping, narumi was. Mikan Sakura is the nerd of Alice Academy, but she is dating the most popular guy in school, Natsume Hyuuga. After accidentally crossing. This is a one-shot about how Natsume gets the courage to ask Mikan on a date to Central Town. This is my first story, by the way. In which.

Despite the pursuers showing themselves less frequently, Mikan was still on the Academy's leash. The only reason they could have dates outside was on account of Natsume being with her. Natsume said nothing. He only directed her toward the Academy before continue walking. Being the gentleman? Usually that would be the end of their date: they'd say good night to each other before Natsume went to his room.

Sometimes they would kiss as well — nothing too perverted, simply a kiss. She gave him her usual smile before turning to open the door. Truthfully, she felt a little disappointed. After all, this had been their first date in a long while and for some reason she wanted something more. Obviously, since it's Mikan, she couldn't figure out what it was she wanted — or rather what she wanted from Natsume. However, her instincts told her that she didn't want him to go.

Without a second thought she let them take over. She called his name and as he turned his head she ceased the opportunity to give him a kiss. Immediately afterward she realized what she had done and blushed like crazy. They had of course kissed before but she had never taken the initiative like this. Even though she was 18 years old now she was still as shy in that regard as ever. Natsume on the other hand was more shocked than anything.

When doing these things it was often he who had to take the initiative. In fact he was so taken aback that a slight blush slowly made its way to his cheeks. Natsume hardly ever blushed. As previously mentioned he often wore a stern expression on his face. Being able to make Natsume blush meant that Mikan sure was something else. To him she was his light: his reason for being alive and the reason for him to want to continue living with all his might.

It was a most familiar feeling as they often did this to comfort each other. His masculine voice made her whole body shiver and gave her goose-bumps. She turned her head only to meet his gaze. His irresistible gaze from those enchanting eyes… "I love you. Mikan wasn't too shocked since Natsume often did unpredictable things such as these. Quite the opposite: she followed his lead. After a while they both became desperate for air hence parting their lips.

Natsume on the other hand used this opportunity to deepen the kiss by letting his tongue explore her mouth. Such an adult-kiss made Mikan squeal. Never had they done something like this — something so perverted — and she felt her legs give way but Natsume's strong embrace prevented her from falling.

Slowly, but surely, Mikan started to move her tongue in line with his. In the heat of passion their tongues danced in each other's mouths, tasting every last crevasse. Their tongues also explored one another, exchanging saliva as they did. Mikan soon realized that this was what she'd wanted: to be more intimate with her boyfriend. After all, they had been dating for around six years! She stomped to her seat and sat down.

Might change it into a series of dates between Mikan & Natsume if you review enough! . A/N: I don't own the characters, just the plot.

Natsume took a chair again and there was brief silence between them. In the end, he couldn't resist commenting. Mikan put down her pencil. The outside world isn't ready for you either but they're planning on releasing you in the future," Mikan answered irritably.

Mikan caught his sorrowful tone and found that she couldn't give a snappy rejoinder. So she decided to change the subject. I'd rather have him play a sport where he wouldn't get attacked and hit all the time. I guess that's okay too…" Then suddenly her eyes lit up. That's less dangerous. No way," he contradicted. If he sticks to music and art, how can he learn to defend himself? She waved a dismissive hand though she could feel her cheeks heat up.

Mikan started scribbling again, careful to avoid his gaze. She cleared her throat. Natsume laughed. She stuck out her tongue then continued out loud while she wrote, "I'm going to have a bright kitchen and a cozy living room and a—". He stared upwards, thinking. Other than that all we need is a bedroom, a pretty garden and maybe a nursery. Mikan rolled her eyes again then she continued writing the essay with Natsume sitting right there, keeping her company.

And she didn't quite mind his presence. Not even when he kept interrupting her work with questions.

Abruptly, he stood up and prepared to leave. Mikan watched his retreating back, a sudden ache in her chest. What is it that you've always wanted to do? Mikan rolled her eyes. Hotaru probably won't miss you as much but she'll wonder about you nonetheless.

In the guise of homework, Natsume and Mikan spend the night talking respects the genius of Tachibana Higuchi, creator of Gakuen Alice. Gakuen Alice - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: But when they had a date, Why did Mikan rejected Natsume when he asked to. It follows Mikan and Natsume on one of their dates. Cute and First Gakuen Alice fan-fic! I do not own the characters in Gakuen Alice. They all.

He paused without turning around. You'll use your skills to save people and protect those who are important to you. He didn't answer. He looked like he was about to but thought better of it. At last, he raised a hand in a wave. He wanted to leave the Academy. That was always clear to him. But what happens after that? He figured he'd be incredibly sick by the time he graduates.

He had this idea that he'd just get away from everyone and start over where nobody knew about his Alice. He'd run from the Academy and go somewhere nobody could take advantage of him. Maybe he'd die alone.

Natsume glanced outside the window. In the horizon, he could see the perimeter wall that kept everyone in. Unlike the others he stepped outside once and a while because of his missions.

That was probably why his view of the world wasn't as innocent as theirs. Who was important to him? At once, an image of Class B flashed in his head. That's the reason he was staying in the Academy, wasn't it? The reason why he was enduring all this was to protect his friends. But what happens when all this is over?

The reason why he didn't want to write the essay was because he didn't want to build dreams he may never have. But just supposing he was wrong and the Alice Academy did cut him loose….

Gakuen alice fanfiction mikan and natsume dating

It's the best essay I've read! Misaki watched him sardonically. Narumi placed Natsume's paper next to Mikan's then his grin widened. He laid a hand on his heart melodramatically as though his very soul had been moved by the words. Are you listening to me?

He took the paper and read it again. His eyes glazed over it in admiration. Misaki watched him go, shaking his head.

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