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What memorable Big Brother couples are doing now

Clay comforts shelli

Shelli, along with the rest of The Sixth Sense ran the house for the first half of the game, dismantling the season's original power alliance, The Goblins. In Week 6, she and her showmance, Clay , were nominated against each other when The Goblins returned to power. Shelli survived the eviction. But she then became nominated and eventually eliminated in Week 7. The votes were initially set to evict Vanessa , one of her closest remaining allies, but then the house flipped, and Shelli became eliminated during the first half of the first Double Eviction by a unanimous vote. She placed 11th and was the first member of the jury. Favorite Activities: Shopping!

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Clay Honeycutt & Shelli Poole

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Nein, danke. Non, merci. While there hasn't been any evidence of a move as of early Junethey still seem very happy on Broucher's instagram.

Showmances are common on Big Brother and some of them have top the Big Brother 17 - Shelli Poole and Clay Honeycutt in a showmance. "I wasn't even willing to consider dating before Big Brother. My mom and I always joked that I'd . Clay Honeycutt & Shelli Poole. Season: Clay Honeycutt dating history, , , list of Clay Honeycutt Shelli Poole. #1 Access Hollywood, , Himself - Big Brother 17 Contestant, TV Show.

In case you were getting bored of all the happy couples, we give you "Zaulie. However, Calafiore was not a hit with the other ladies in the house.

Shelli Poole

He would badmouth a lot of the female houseguests, including Everette herselfbehind their backs. Despite all of this, Everette stuck with him, and the two dated for a time after the season ended.

Zaulie officially broke up just before the Super Bowl. Everette told the Charlotte Observer"It was like, 'OK, this is a good time to do it, because nobody will be paying attention to it Let's just get this video out and then we'll delete it right after.

9 'Big Brother' couples who are still together, Tyler and Angela

The real estate broker and pizza delivery boy were opposites, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. Not even Olson was safe from her temperament.

Clay and shelli big brother dating

Eventually, both would leave the house, with Olson getting fourth place and Zuckerman seventh. While they dated for some months after the show, they broke up by early February A major factor was Olson's strong feelings for Jessica. There was speculation that Olson did get back together with his ex, but no hard evidence exists. Zuckerman moved on and married in the fall of She gave birth to her daughter, Madison Rose Zachmanin December We would be remiss to not include the legendary "Brenchel" on this list.

That would have been it for her if it weren't for her and Villegas, who later got engaged, both getting invited back in the duos season of Big Brother Evidently they got on very well outside of the house.

Reilly won the season due to her amazing gameplay and her relationship with Villegas. The couple has made many more appearances throughout the franchise and has become an iconic pair.

Villegas and Reilly said "I do" in September Their reach only expanded further as the two would compete twice on The Amazing Raceand Reilly competing a third time in Inthey welcomed their first child, Adora Borealis Villegasinto the world.

The Villegas family will no doubt continue to dominate not just the Big Brother franchise, but the reality TV world in the coming years. Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd together make another unforgettable couple for the franchise. Schroeder and Lloyd were a power couple of Big Brother After their season, they became inseparable. Five years after meeting in the Big Brother house, Schroeder came full circle by proposing to Lloyd on a visit to the house in Their first child, Lawsonwas born in Octoberand their second, Laytonwas born in September As ofLloyd and Schroeder have been together for a decade.

It just goes to show how one little reality show can change your whole life. It wasn't until well after Franzel won the season that the two connected. According to them, they really fell in love while filming the 31st season of The Amazing Race.

Evidently, the journey was a success. Arroyo took a note from a few other couples and proposed to Franzel in the Big Brothe r house on the live feeds in September Big Brother 15 is one of the most controversial seasons of the franchise.

The houseguests were notorious for spouting racist, homophobic, and sexist comments on the live feeds. GinaMarie Zimmerman was one such person, and she actually ended up being fired from her job for her horrible statements.

However, there was another instance of Zimmerman's questionable behavior. Some will argue that Zimmerman's flirtations with Week 2 evictee Nick Uhas does not count as a coupling, but perhaps someone should have told Zimmerman that. Zimmerman certainly acted like they were incredibly close, proclaiming that she "[didn't] want to be here without him.

Did Clay & Shelli Hook Up On 'Big Brother 17'? Their Showmance Is One reason why I'm a fan of the duo is because if they start dating their. Melissa Michelle "Shelli" Poole was a houseguest on Big Brother In Week 6 , she and her showmance, Clay, were nominated against each Last summer, she was watching Big Brother and told her boyfriend at the time she wanted to. Are Shelli & Clay Still Together After 'Big Brother 17'? The Pair Tried To Shelli's family, and she planned to travel to Texas for their first date.

During the season, she even admitted to wanting to marry Uhas. In an interview with WetpaintUhas admitted that the relationship was "a fauxmance that became a showmance and then I got evicted.

Perhaps that's why their showmance was mostly strategy. Evidently, Kirby was in a relationship at the time. He continues to practice dermatology in Los Angeles.

Unsurprisingly, Kirby and Pierzina's strategic showmance did not continue romantically once the curtain closed on their Big Brother season. This couple just goes to show that you can use flirtation as a weapon in the game.

On 2 Oct @BB17_Shelli tweeted: "#Clelli fans: it's date time! Next week. Here are some of the most heartbreaking times #BigBrother tore love apart: http:// . When will Clay and Shelli become Official?!? #bb17 #clelli. Sparks flew between Shelli Poole and Clay Honeycutt on Big Brother despite a conservative approach to dating each other, as there wasn't much physical. Big Brother is one of the biggest shows in the reality television world. Despite all of this, Everette stuck with him, and the two dated for a time after . Clay Honeycutt and Shelli Poole ran the house for a good five weeks during Big Brother

The major difference being, however, that their showmance was for real. At the finale though, Henry didn't seem to hold much of a grudge. She explained to The Early Show that she "was the person who told him at the beginning of the day, 'Keep the personal and us separate,' so [she] would be hypocrite if [she] didn't [forgive him].

Daniel had a girlfriend going into the season, but Henry was willing to "give him a chance to prove his sincerity" to her after the season ended. But it'd appear that the two eventually drifted apart. Henry did an interview with Joker's Updates in which she reassured fans that she still keeps in contact with Daniel.

Big Brother 17 had a few notable showmances during its run, but one in particular caught our eye the one between Austin Matelson and Liz Nolan. Production brought back a twist from Season 5 with the "Twin Twist. Naturally this caused some awkwardness between Matelson and Nolan's budding relationship. On top of that, Matelson had a girlfriend outside of the game, though he swore to The Hollywood Reporter that his feelings for Nolan were real. But Nolan and Matelson split up in February Matelson continues to wrestle under the name Luchasauruscomplete with an amazing face mask.

Even though the two didn't end up together, Matelson cut off his gross ponytail-beard for Nolan, so some good did come out of their relationship.

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