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At The First Sight of You Chapter 1, a victorious fanfic . FanFiction

Beck and cat are dating what

After Victoria, or Tori as everyone calls her, had sung at her sister's showcase, she got accepted into Hollywood Arts. Today was her first day and she was as nervous as ever thinking she wasn't good enough. As she walked into her improve class, she accidently bumped into Beckett, or Beck, as everyone calls him, the hottest guy in school and spilled his coffee all over his shirt. I'm so sorry. Let me help you get that off," she exclaimed frantically as she rubbed her arm against his shirt trying to get out the coffee stain,".

TV Shows Victorious.

Avan is the reason why - Victoria Justice (Beck and Tori)

Your first child is hard, but when its for money it's even more stressful. Please pleasee pleasee i need the money for voice coaching" "even if we DID do it,m you would only get 10, beck would get 20, and i would get 30," tori said boldly "what WHY" Trina shouted jumping out of the chair "if we did, im going to be holding it for 9 months then pushing it out of my YOU" "i love you to beck".

Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3.

After Tori comes to Hollywood Arts and shared a kiss with Beck, he realized she's the one for him and breaks up with Jade who was his. Beck and Tori are forced to seek out eachother for company when their friends Tori and Beck pretends to be dating so Beck can get back together with Jade. Beck and Jade are dating, but he has liked Tori ever since he met her. Tori has a crush on Beck, but has to hide it so none of her friends find out.

Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5. Unfortunately, she didn't say goodbye or anything, but that was normal Jade.

Beck: Tori and I are dating! (Kisses Tori). Jade: Aww you guys do make a great couple I must say! Cat: Yaaaaay! Ahhhh! Robbie: Congrats!. The Victorious episode, Wifi in the Sky, but with Beck and Tori as a couple. . Even though she and Beck had been dating for a few weeks now. Tori figured that if Beck wasn't going to face his feelings, she might as well face her own. Oneshot. Alternate ending to Opposite Date.

I quickly strolled out of her old-styled house, and hopped into my truck and zoomed down the street at 50 miles per hour. Her parents weren't in favor of us hanging out together so late, so I usually left around On my way home, I always pass Tori's house.

Tori Vega. Such a sweet, innocent, and caring individual and if I wasn't dating Jade, maybe I would have a chance with Tori…? I have no idea why I am even thinking that, because I have been dating Jade for over two years and they have been the best and worst years of my life.

Beck and tori dating fanfiction

From Jade and I having that crazy break up and then her unleashing a dog in my RV, to getting locked up in a foreign prison together, we have had some insane times. In late MarchMiss Tori Vega showed up and changed my life forever. Even after a year of knowing her, my crush has become bigger. I clearly remember the first day she showed up in our class. Memories of how she spilt her volcano hot coffee all over my U2 t-shirt and how she attempted to clean it off. Then, there was that time when she had a fear of falling 40 feet onto a mat and I decided to dress up as her and do it for her.

I mean that's what friends do right? Jade has had her suspicions that I like Tori, but I just set up the charm and make her forget all about Tori.

If she found out that I had a crush on her, Tori would be dead within seconds. All of a sudden, I was realized that I was passing by Tori's house.

Her house was as white as snow and had black shutters. The blinds were wide opened and I saw Tori and Trina in the window.

They appeared to be arguing with each other. As I sat in my car, Trina and Tori's fight became very physical. I wonder what they were fighting about…. Finally, after ten minutes at aboutTori's mother came down and was obviously yelling at them. Tori looked frustrated and looked out her front window.

For a moment, I thought she was looking at me and my truck, so I began driving again and got out of there as soon as possible. When I reached my RV, I jumped out and opened the door quickly. My homework lay opened on my desk, but I wasn't in the mood to do it. I'll do it tomorrow morning. I thought to myself.

Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance/Humor - Tori V., Beck O. "kiss beck or date him I don't care just I don't want to be the reason you guys. After Beck and Jade broke up, Beck decides to date someone else. Tori I always thought that Tori and Beck would make a perfect couple. Beck & Tori's Love Story. Chapter 3: Dating. Tori's POV. "Tori, Trina it's time to get up." Mrs. Vega shouts up the stairs. (Tori goes down stairs).

I walked over to my bed casually and threw my homework on the ground. I picked my MP3 player and put my headphones on my ears Meanwhile, Beck was talking to his best friend, Tori Vega. Jade was being mean to you.

I'm glad that you both broke up. I'll see you later. Later that day, Tori was setting the table. Her older sister, Trina Vega was watching TV. Then she looked at Tori. We're not eating yet.

Trina gasped. That's why I'm fixing the table.

They broke up. Finally Beck understands that he and I were meant for each other. It's not that it's Then she called Beck. Beck was at his RV, getting ready to go to Tori's house. His phone rang. He picked it up. What's wrong? Is everything alright?


It's just that Trina thinks that you're having a date with her. I'm hanging out with you. You're right. Here's another one. Tell her that I have a contagious disease. What if Trina asks me where I'm going?

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